Hi I am Tanya Sammut, the founder of Severn Wellness. I have been passionate about fitness and nutrition since I was twenty. I began to notice that my lifestyle and social choices were not congruent with the person that I wanted to be. It was at this time I began to understand the link between mood, confidence, sleep, exercise and nutrition.  I realised that I needed to make some changes.

Following university, I  joined the Army. I completed operational tours and trained as Mental Health Nurse. This time was both enjoyable and challenging. I learnt a lot about stress, resilience, and leadership. I trained in a trauma therapy called EMDR.  Upon leaving the Army I completed a number of different courses relating to both physical and Mental Health. I had a yearning to continue developing my  knowledge  in this area.  I then worked in the NHS and became an Accredited CBT therapist. I encompass my fitness knowledge into therapy as I am aware of how important this is for general wellbeing and recovery.

Whilst working as a CBT therapist with people with were experiencing  Mental health conditions I realised there was a theme. I often saw an unhealthy work-life balance, low self-care, and people prioritising work and other activities over their personal values. A reduction of activities such as social interactions that were once enjoyed were often replaced with unhelpful behaviours that maintained the presenting issue. This led me to develop workshops to empower individuals and enable them to realign their values and work towards these in a meaningful way.

I have been blessed to work with many health care professionals throughout my time in the Military, NHS, Charities and private practice many of whom work with me today to create a holistic approach to wellbeing.

I am fortunate to have discovered ways to feel good, thrive and live a healthy and fulfilled life. I want to share this knowledge and help people that may be struggling to live the life they want and deserve to.  I have recently developed FLOURISH with healthcare and wellbeing colleagues. This is an 8 week one-2-one coaching and therapy package that enhances self-esteem and empowers people to flourish with confidence.




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