At Severn Wellness, we pride ourselves on evidence-based practice for treatment, prevention and performance. Severn wellness improves wellbeing, increases awareness in areas such as Mental Health, Tanya Sammut - Therapist & Director of Severn Wellness enhances performance, and treats mental health conditions through one to one sessions, workshops and training.

Tanya Sammut is the founder of Severn Wellness and an Accredited CBT therapist and EMDR therapist, Registered Mental Health Nurse and Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. As an Army Veteran with operational experience, Tanya has learnt to be disciplined, motivated and determined. Tanya is a perpetual student and is currently working towards a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology.

“I bring my Mental Health, Military, coaching and personal training experience together  to help people achieve their goals and to overcome adversity.”

Services available:

Our team of experts include a vast network of accredited CBT therapists and Mental Health Professionals.

Giving back

A free charity place is available on each 2 day Mental Health First Aid course. Please get in touch if you would like to apply for this.



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