Wellbeing Workshops

Stress & Resilience

  • What is stress
  • Pressure vs stress
  • Identifying Signs and symptoms
  • Performance curve
  • Stress and the brain
  • Impact of stress & reducing stress
  • Relationship between stress and Mental Health
  • A more resilient you – steps towards resilience
  • Ability to bounce back after adversity
  • Effective use of leisure time
Stress and Resilience Workshop
Sleep Workshop

Improving Sleep

  • Why is sleep important
  • How to improve sleep
  • Sleep and CBT
  • Stages of sleep
  • Sleep habits and behaviours
  • Vicious cycle of sleep
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Sleep disorders
  • Sleep and safety behaviours

Anxiety Awareness and Coping Mechanisms

  • Anxiety Psychoeducation
  • Autonomic nervous system - Fight and Flight
  • Anxiety and the brain
  • Anxiety and CBT
  • What is worry? Types of worry
  • Breaking cycles
  • Anxiety Questionnaire
  • Thinking styles
Anxiety and Depression
Mindful Workshop

An Introduction to Mindfulness

  • What is Mindfulness
  • Promoting wellbeing
  • Focussing the mind
  • Mindfulness and the brain
  • Mindfulness, Mind Full Ness and Mindlessness
  • Mindful activity practice
  • Working with the breath, sensations and thought
  • Increase mental performance and efficiency at work
Nutrition for Mental Health

Nutrition for Mental Health

  • How to maintain energy levels
  • Feel positive and refuelled
  • Understanding calories and basal metabolic rate
  • Food Myths
  • Gut and the brain (the second brain)
  • Contributing factor to energy drain or vitality
  • The relationship between sugar and mood swings
  • Caffeine addiction
  • Mindful eating
  • Food for mental wellbeing
  • Boosting immunity through eating

Health and Wellbeing Workshop

  • Five ares of wellbeing
  • Self-care
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep – habits and behaviours
  • Routine and helpful behaviour
  • Models of motivation
  • Work life balance- manage priorities
  • Values for a rounded and fulfilled life
  • Posture and back pain
Health and Wellbeing Workshop


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